1. (Zoöl.) A European marine fish (Pagrus vulgaris) allied to the American scup; the becker. The name is sometimes applied to the related species.
  2. a kind of small charcoal used for roasting ore.
    • 1957: The fuel was wood, either alone or mixed with peat, or pure peat - as in the north of Lancashire - or mineral coal, but most frequently it was small charcoal, called braise or braize. — H.R. Schubert, History of the British Iron and Steel Industry, p. 216.

6 letters in word "braize": A B E I R Z.

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ab abri ae ai air ar arb are ba baize bar bare be bear bez bi bier biz bize bra brae braze brei brie brize ea ear er era erbia ire izar izba rabi rai raze re reb rei rez ria rib riz riza za zaire zari zea zebra